"If it's not tiptop, then it isn't Tip Top"

No longer broadcasting, Radio Tip Top played the latest happening sounds and the all important Tip Top Ten.


It was presented from the Starlight Rooms by Kid Tempo and The Ginger Prince on 105.6 fm MONO.


  • Do you remember the unlicenced broadcast from an Ice Cream van?

  • Did you listen every every Wednesday night and Sunday lunchtime?

  • Do you remember Postman Patois? Mr Superbad? and Mr Pickwick?

  • Did you attend the Xmas Party on the 8th December 1995?

  • Did you buy the single? The T-Shirt? The mug?

  • Do you know about Lunewyre Technology Plus System, with Lasers?

  • Did you join the Tip Top club?

  • Do you know Kid Tempo and The Ginger Prince?

  • Do you have show recordings?


If the answer is yes to any of these questions then please get in touch as I plan to expand this site with as much information as possible -  Andy, Tip Top Club Member 1045